Emotional Intelligence

At the beginning of our life when we are still dependents and apprentices, we evaluated to measure the helpful we can be for society. They call it skills tests, or test of intelligence, or similar things. First thing that I would like to clarify, that a test is just that one test, and therefore the result is just that a result. For nothing means what we are or are going to be, and the results as everyone knows are not immovable. What we do not pass, they are evidence of attitudes, that measure or how we behave and manage day to day situations, this name is the psychologist Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence (EI).

This which seemed to have no importance, it has and much, in recent years, especially in organizations, companies to another level of human understanding, it have very present, much more than the objective tests or grades of the school or the University. Is valued as the person operates in different living situations with co-workers, as manage their emotions when it comes to interact with others and as out of stressful situations. rabajar this type of IE, is much more expensive, because our emotions, which are not controllable thing that we would like that they were involved. Most of us can not help laughing at us a funny situation or that you jump tears when we see a movie that touches your soul. This happens with almost all the emotions, they are not controllable, hence the need for intelligence and to reflect on the events before making any decision. Who has not insulted anyone inside the car, because it has crossed or they have made you stop and myself, it was very difficult to handle these situations most of the time. No one has taught us how to control these situations, they have told us that we control them but no one how to do it.

Hence the importance of EI, how many times have had a response excessive before an event then we have repented of our conduct, and still putting me in the head. In These single lines I can contribute my small grain of sand and say; to the next that is you a situation seem unmanageable breathe deep and take time to reflect on what is happening and why it happens, in this period temporary decides the answer given, it is the power of the freedom to choose. Every day should take 5 minutes to be able to relax breathing deeply, what those around us appreciate us. And it will help us to understand ourselves better and develop our emotional intelligence.