Business Coaching

The ways in which team members interact with each other at all times should strengthen confidence, clarifying goals and making decisions, all performance aspects essential to high productivity. Carlos Calvo A company is composed of teams work together according to the specialties of the different roles to play, teams should be well integrated, monitored by a management who can extract the appropriate benefit towards targets. Corresponds to motivate management with well-defined, with a participative leadership that gives you the opportunity to take into account their views, participate in decisions and anything that may lead to team building systemically comply with the plans that management has to achieve. It is known that the teams, are key cells in our companies, made up of people, which in their interaction would be more effective if they knew the different roles of teams that play according to their requirements. Management must bear in mind that the achievements and results of a team are always greater than the sum of the individual results and achievements of its members. Naranjo Bernardo Aristizabal about comments that it must be remembered that a good team work does not create independent work or achievements, or competitive environments, players or internal rivalries, but rather guarantees a general as a team achievement, personal growth of all members and a work environment so that everyone feels like family, they generate large loops and is very likely to occur very good friends. Some fundamental aspects of teamwork are: The basic condition is always good work to ensure confidence. .