Business Donation Apartments

To date, the surrender of apartments is a thriving business in Barnaul. Not for nothing that, agencies that work in this area, growing up in Barnaul, like mushrooms after a good rain. According to analysts of 15% of the rental market housing is rental apartments. Barnaul is able to provide temporary shelter to all interested visitors and tourists to businessmen. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. Has been a steady increase in demand for such service as apartment on the day. Barnaul gives everyone a short-term rental housing in these price ranges 1000 -3000 rubles per day. The minimum price range have flat, which made the standard of repair and there mandatory technical equipment.

Accordingly, the maximum bracket of the range apartments are renovated, with mandatory technical assembly and arranged the presence of the air conditioner. If a tenant hires accommodation for a few hours, it cost him 500-1000 rubles. In remote areas of the city apartments for rent Barnaul. and costs 800 rubles per day. Of course, these apartments are no different quality repairs, and of course set of home appliances in them are minimal. Agency of the city in its databases have a minimum number of such flats, although the demand for such housing increased. Local realtors are more interested in expensive and comfortable apartments in the heart of the city.

Some local companies prefer to just exquisite apartments in the city center. On average, 2000-3500 rubles worth such an apartment for a day. Barnaul can provide in the city center and more sophisticated and expensive housing options that are architectural design, all sorts of electrical engineering. The price of such pleasure – 3000 rubles per day. Prices for rent one bedroom apartments are in the range 1300-2500 rubles. It should be note that the above mentioned rates significantly lower rates of hotels in Barnaul. This is the main reason that such a service as rental apartments built in Barnaul rank the most popular among visitors. Those who wishes to pass on their own, lease, well-furnished apartment with renovated, this is not so easy. The average price of this apartment for the month was 20,000 rubles. A selection of apartments that are located in the heart of near schools, business centers and historic sites are priced much higher. Most agencies of their bets on just such an apartment. It is this housing allows them to maximize profits. The owners of such apartments easier to contact one of the many agencies of the city. The agency will offer various options for cooperation. This may be free accommodation requests, which will be described in an apartment. This is the easiest option that does not relieve the landlord of the extra hassle. It is best to conclude with the company a contract in which all conditions, resulting in a landlord will not even have contact with the future tenants.