Choosing a Car Alarm

As is well known car alarm – this is not a luxury. A monetary value as a vehicle to protect against all types of attacks. Selecting alarm quite a challenge for car owners, car alarms on the market a huge range and how to choose the optimal price-quality ratio, which would then not see the empty place where the evening was your car. Complete car alarm is written in description of the manual, but this list is not all that is needed to save the car. As we know most of the alarm is not equipped with sirens, as well as they could not equipped with electric door locks. System a single thumb control and without the shock sensor is used in the systems of economy class.

Quite expensive alarm go with shock lockout relay, but it is known for good security to be paid. Typically, kits anti-theft car alarm systems are composed of staff, as well as additional devices, the division is made by different manufacturers in their own way. Standard (minimum) configuration: Charm Management The base unit wiring kits Mounting Kit Documentation led system status button 'Valet' more protective relay device lock car circuit Siren External power relay with Pager transmitter Electric locks gps more wires and fuses electronic key with a unique code makes sense to consider when choosing a car alarm and a certain type of installation, for example foreign cars already equipped with electric locks, but this is not an indicator, the domestic auto industry to strive to improve the safety of production cars, sirens in a set of cheap alarm standard Sound and non-autonomous. As with any electronic equipment, quality affects the price, all the best and is very good, but how to save your favorite car you can save.