“Technology, technologies, and methods – successful vehicles in the market and parts of the meeting the car of the future”, on November 10, 2011 in Stuttgart, discussed current or upcoming technical developments, which have a significant influence on the properties and marketability of the entire vehicle. On the one hand almost euphoria and optimism given the foreseeable technological leaps, and on the other hand considerable uncertainties prevail over the technological orientation of new vehicles in the automotive industry. “This year’s Conference the automobile of the future” special contour receives through the focus on the current trade-off of vehicle energy consumption and range. So the discussion about a good product balance between sufficient range and affordable battery equipment is Yes for the electric vehicle only at the beginning. Special emphasis on alternative drivelines, lightweight and highly rigid carbon fiber bodywork and the energy demand resulting among other things from them. The Centre provides background and home for the meeting for electric vehicles, the city of Stuttgart. The corresponding exhibition offers a creative and inspiring background. As a special highlight are some of the cars featured specially on this meeting, for test drives available.

In addition to interesting and substantive talks participants can take that across the results through interdisciplinary exchange through levels of hierarchy in your professional life. We expect top management as well as officials in the product creation process, team leaders and staff from the product, project and marketing management, engineering service providers of automotive and automotive supplier industry. Responsible of the development process, researchers, developers and professors will be different perspectives with views of the entire vehicle. Details and information: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H130-11-111-1.html