Central Unit for Economic and Tax Crime (UDEF) Assumes the investigation and prosecution of professional activities, both nationally and internationally, in terms of fiscal and economic crime as well as operational coordination and technical support to the respective units. This unit property management will depend on: 1. Crime Brigade Economic and Fiscal, to which corresponds the investigation realestate of offenses against the Treasury, against real property social security, financial fraud and securities fraud offenses of special importance. 2. Money real residential Laundering Brigade, which will corrersponde the investigation of crimes properties related real commercial to money laundering and corruption house for sale urbanites. 2. A true sign of real business success is exemplified by modus operandi is extreme attention to demographic and psychographic analysis Crime Investigation Brigade Monetary which accounts for the investigation of offenses related to activities subject to monitoring, supervision or inspection bodies for the prevention property of realtors money laundering. 3.Investigation Brigade real buying of the Bank of Spain, which realty assumes the investigation of crimes related to counterfeiting of currency and foreign, operating as National Central realtor Bureau in this regard. 4. Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The Unit Attached to the Special Prosecutor for the real listings Repression real sale of Economic Crimes Related with Corruption, to perform the tasks that, as Judicial Police, real agent assigned homes for sale by the Authority attached to that figure.