Current survey of customer expectations and Status quo of social media are indispensable in the lives of many Internet users. Beson ibid is very popular the social network Facebook, which has over a billion users. In addition to private use Facebook offers the possibility of the company, to design their own Facebook pages, so called fan pages. Already 93% of the banks and savings banks operate a Facebook fan page or are planning their use. However, only 16% of respondents Facebook users are fans of a credit institution. These are the results of a recent study by ibi research, which analyzes the needs of customers on the basis of a survey of customers and the Status quo in the design of the fan pages. The observation of the results shows that the frequency with which banks and thrifts provide posts, is too low for the customers. All contributions will be published at each of the possible topics from customer point of view too infrequently.

General messages serve as good example for finance. 21% of Facebook fans of a bank would, that their bank provides daily new offers to this field, each 23% want more than once or at least once be informed a week of events in the financial markets. However, daily new posts on this topic place only 1% of the surveyed banks and Sparkas sen. 14% of the surveyed banks make even any posts to this topic available although only 8% of the fans and only 11% of non-fans of the opinion, to see such topics not on the fan page. Safety instructions for online banking are both fans and non-fans-wishes.

Each 17% expect to get information about fraud or instructions on the safe handling of PIN and TAN daily or several times per week from their bank. Issues contests and promotions to join and information campaigns to financial products, as well as information about employment opportunities at the Bank, corresponding offers wish each about 40% of the respondents at least once a week. Content that should be treated significantly more intensively by banks and savings banks, are topics concerning exchange and Securities. While 46% of the banks and savings banks completely waive messages to this complex on the fan page, only 18% of fans are unwilling to appropriate information to. The survey shows that both fans and non-fans definitely on Bank and financial issues are interested in. However credit institutions need to carefully especially the current importance of social media and in particular of Facebook fan pages compared to other activities on the customer interface to the test. Before uncoordinated, time and capacity-consuming activities are started, the expectations and concerns of the customers are prior to the engagement in social media first to evaluate. Only then can the inherent opportunities and risks ultimately weighed, which puts over best social-media – as well as a necessary de-escalation strategy in advance and placed the right issues in the right frequency.