Today, dress became the most popular type of women's clothing. A variety of styles, silhouette shapes, materials, accessories, colors, as well as functionality, seasonality, age is only a small list of differences in a diverse fashion world called "a woman's dress." All this makes the dress the most popular type of clothing in the wardrobe of any modern woman. Only for their intended purpose dress differ on everyday (for leisure and home), business (for work, office), smart (wedding, cocktail and evening dresses). These major groups are further divided into a huge number of subgroups, depending on many factors. For example, on a seasonal basis. Summer dresses are usually made of lightweight fabrics light or bright colors, have a short sleeve or no, the length preferably shorter. Dresses also used in autumn-winter period, usually made of warm fabrics quiet dark tones and the sleeves would see long, or in extreme cases, 3 / 4.

Age criterion also plays a huge role in choice of dress. For example, youth fashion, as a rule, is shocking in every way. It's rebellious, lack of adequate solutions are long, proportions, finish, fitting, this desire of youth boldly tell the world: "The whole universe at my feet, I'm so alone, I'm just a miracle!" However, ran along the path girlish dreams, change our preferences, and one day, going to a university or a corporate business meeting, you suddenly want to see in a mirror image of a charming and prosperous business "secular lion, full of dignity, intelligence and business skills. What can I say, the world around us changes us, our appearance, our preference, we have chosen a dress. However, in the dreams of any of us, life is still a holiday! As we wait for cases that would hear the most coveted words: "You in that dress prom queen, you are adorable and irresistible!" And our prince must first evaluate your evening gown. This topic is the most beloved and popular with designers around the world. Excellent dress this way to sing all the admiration of the beautiful half of humanity. Muse of the fashion world inspired to create more and more new masterpieces called "dress" that would have again and again to make us happy, the only unique in the universe.