Economical Labeling

Tag your items and products made of wood, leather, plastic, cardboard, cork, rubber and more cost-effectively with the help of burning temples. These are available as hot-branded handsets with one or two wooden handles or as a machine execution with a shank. For the desired image size are different device performance, and engraving plates available, which are also equip with different engraved firing interventions. If the improper use of robust fuel once overheated and destroyed, so these can be most easily exchange devices independently with Ersatzheizelementen. Warm-A short and easy handling and maintenance herkmmlichenBeschriftungen offer an inexpensive alternative to painted, engraved or stickers and other consumables. Accessories such as temperature controllers and power controllers, and lever press for quick and easy serial identification to prove that. The fire is especially marked in the wood markerand leather printing is very popular because the burn provides a natural contrast to the workpiece surface. This burning temple found in the industry, but also in the private sector and hobby use your application. Designs, logos and text are przisionsgraviert for data. Serial numbers and changing texts can be realized with replaceable fuel types, which can be inserted and fixed into Frungsnuten. A brand mark on the workpieces, such as in machinery, tools, and PC peripherals has not remove without destroying them, and can therefore be used as property security. For the marking of packaging wiebeispielsweise wooden pallets, which are knnenBrennstempel hergstellt with your best authorities point to IPPC Directive and EPAL, EUR and DB behavior. A special version for the electroless labeling represent Propane Branding Iron, which can be operated with common DIY gas cylinders. Your application can burn the temple in different industries and areas such asWood processing industry, breweries, wineries, plastic and leather industries and forestry. For product information about hot-branded devices can be found at: INDUSTRIAL ENGRAVING GmbH Hertichstrasse 10 71229