Intelligent Enterprise system, is a system of organization whose purpose is to achieve the full and continuous satisfaction of the present and future needs of the customer, through the consolidation of the added value and creating new value, by its collaborators and leaders, in the substantive activities of the company, using his intellect and his art; Thus, the economic continuity of the Organization, and providing human capital to the country. Among its multiple aspects of benefit, is the de re-alfabetizar functionally their activities to persons of the company or organisation concerned. Autocatalytic autocatalytic learning learning is phases above in the evolution of the learning of persons, laque generated their own knowledge. That is, after going through learning obtained in previous phases, that start with the traditional training where the teacher explains and the student listens, continuing with other types of teaching and learning in which gradually the person arrives to learn on their own, although in a very basic way, and then lies on the autocatalytic. This concept is described to details in the book intelligent enterprise system, a proposal to the world about how should be the company was of the knowledge (2005), by Anibal Basurto Amparano, Editorial company smart, Mexico; and hence exposes how it evolves the generation and transmission of knowledge, i.e. in the following phases of the learning of persons: 1st. The traditional courses, 2nd.

Ubiquitous courses, 3rd.Hard self-learning, 4th.Directed interactive self-learning, 5th.Auto-catalitico learning, 6th. Constructivist learning and 7th. Constructivist work. In the intelligent enterprise system, the above-mentioned phases are developed through the Ateneo, which is defined as: powerful school of learning and self-learning, whose ultimate goal is that the person learn to work and work learning in place of work, managing to generate, to structure and disseminate useful knowledge for the achievement of the mission and vision of the organization. The impulse to autocatalytic learning, is suitable for any organization, company of private or public institution, by the various benefits it generates, this is both for the Organization and for its customers or users and for staff of the same. There are cases in which the effectiveness of the aforementioned type of learning, has been tested as in the Commission Federal electricity (CFE) of Mexico, which were created technological universities specifically intended for their workers.

People who come to the stage of learning-autocatalytic, acquire the capacity to generate knowledge from reading books, and can thus write other books and came to prepare courses for the transmission of their knowledge to other people who are at earlier stages of learning. In this way, the organization in which occurs the above, encourages the creation, preservation and increase intellectual capital in the same. The book intelligent enterprise system, sets out that persons will be preparing to enter in the synthetic phase of the system which is the so-called network of microbusiness in this phase of learning.