Emotional Intelligence

There are those who say that the competencies of emotional intelligence in the workplace are not something new, although they are presented in a different way. At first glance we could accept that this is true. Already in the 1960s, Professor Carrard Polytechnic School ETH Zurich, to cite some experts on human relations of that era, referred to favourable competencies and contraindications of the Chief. It stood out as favorable skills:-knowledge of men: Faculty of put in the place of his interlocutor, feel what it feels. -Objectivity: be fair and just with everyone and facilities. And most importantly, always seeing things as they really are. -Trust in yourself: know what you want, trusting in their decisions. -The determined spirit: know see new possibilities and, in turn, know how to use them.

-The initiative: learn new decisions adapted to changing conditions. -Entrepreneurship: take responsibility on themselves and sense of responsibility. -The will: ability to get his will until the last man of the company. Contraindications of the head – lack of understanding: hardness, dryness, inadaptabilidad. -Take party in advance: sentimentality, UPS and downs of humor, short-sighted.

-The influenciabilidad: continuous changes of decision and opinions. -Hesitation: inability to make decisions and do things later. -Lack of common sense: inability to get out of the routine, make changes. -Fear: seek first and foremost to cover their backs. -Weakness of character: lack of will and retreat before any obstacle. However, emotional intelligence is much more. It seeks to focus and reordered, grouping a series of competitions, and at the same time, facilitate an easy methodology for their learning and practical application. You can develop all these competencies in you, if it is to have been born without them developed, and achieve changes in their own personality then you will see on the other. A quick way to do this is by adopting a focused work plan to bring about the changes you desire, to internalize them first and then to outsource them. In fact the externalisation will be automatic.