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Or better: A high-efficiency pump is installed. Electronically controlled heating pump controls the performance depending on the needs of self-employed. This significantly reduces electricity costs because the heating pump works so most of the time when the thermostats are closed in the partial-load range. Owners recognize these models, that the power (P1) on the front with a “by to” span is specified. For example, 30 to 80 watts. High-efficiency pump this pump is the best solution, because it has an optimized engine.

Also it is electronically controlled and adjusts their performance to the real needs. The power consumption is only six to 30 watts. This puts it at an average annual consumption of about 75 kWh and electricity costs by only 20 euro per year. A high-efficiency pump cost including installation between 350 and 400 euros. The exchange of the heating pump is particularly worthwhile when he with a heating optimization through a hydraulic leveling is combined. Then, each year more 110 euro can be save on heating costs, because all radiator fed with heat evenly and energy-saving in addition to the cost of electricity be. Note to editors: all calculation examples is an electricity price of 0.26 euro/kWh basis. The adopted the pump running time is 6,000 operating hours per year.

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