Financial Institutions

One expects that the adoption and implementation of the FOOT they continue fortifying the awareness of all in relation to the social responsibility and the sustainable development. Words Key: Principles of the Equator, Financial Institutions, Partner-ambient International Finance Corporation, World Bank, Support, Project Finance and Riscos. INTRODUCTION For all the history of the humanity, the Man searchs to satisfy its necessities through the exploration of the environment. However, this attitude is necessary for the proper survival of the species human being, a time that the man is part of the nature, all its actions, generates residues, that intervene with the conditions of the way (NUSDEO, 1995). /a>. A significant increase of the level of this interference, occurs with the sprouting of the Industrial Revolution (1760 – current days). It is truth well that the industrial development, improved the quality of life of the people with the sprouting of devices and necessities that until then did not exist, to put, with the objective to supply these necessities, increase of the disequilibrium in the environment because of the improper use of the natural resources has presented an alarming increase and great part of the world-wide population feels these consequences. The amount of emitted toxic and pollutant residues in result of the productive process increases to each day and places the survival of our planet at risk. The concern in relation the ambient pollution only passed to be seen as a economic problem from the second half of century XX, molding a sustainable reasoning in the people and knocking down the theory of: ' ' Everything in favor of the Desenvolvimento.' ' The sectors that enclose the productive chain in turn, have felt the necessity of recriar its forms of production, with the objective to minimize the destructive impact that can come to cause in the environment and to start to work of a sustainable form.