Highly Intelligent Mammals

Hard to believe, but it is currently an exhibition takes place in the Munich main railway station in the main hall, with which advertises the Deutsche Bundesbahn for a trip to South Africa. It was previously unknown that the German federal railways in South Africa is represented. Why wander in the distance, if the good is so close… or vice versa. There is still a fascinating novelty in this exhibition. Everyone who passes, will be amazed at the enormous level of education of the German. It is there: DOLPHINE is the Eastern Cape Dolphin area and often you can see the magnificent fish, as they times quickly, even playful gliding through the waves. A number of conservation programs guarantees the protection of whales and dolphins in our waters.

Swimming with dolphins is illegal in South Africa. Dolphins know but no laws and accompany you sometimes when you swim far enough into the sea. Be careful, the animals are very strong and not confuse them with whales.” Note author: hopefully these conservation programs include the prohibition of kilometre-long trawl nets that cause the death of hundreds of thousands of dolphins, as well as the prohibition of capture and killing of whales and dolphins. That dolphins sometimes accompany the people in spite of the prohibition, which is to say that they like are in touch with the people. Also, the question of what would happen in such confusion arises… you could in the stomach of a whale, for example land, as it so often happens.

The most large whales are vegetarians and feed on plankton and krill. Continue to the general public should be clarified up finally so that is it for whales and dolphins to mammals and not fish. Michelle E. Naumann