In The Sign Of The Change

Werbeagentur poly at least from Karlsruhe, Germany presents itself to relaunch with new concepts and ideas that we stand with our services for needs-oriented, innovative and meaningful ideas, is no secret, as the Managing Director and creative head of manufacturing for advertising Sebastian Reiter. To keep pace with the spirit of the times and maintain our concepts on the State of the art, an agent urinterner relaunch was therefore simply inevitable! “.” Since the beginning of this year, the Karlsruhe Agency now in a new design and with an extended performance spectrum presents itself. The concentration is now more on the development of complete solutions and an all-round service for businesses. Always the attention given to the specific needs of the customer, develops poly-mind concepts and campaigns by promoting sales to the customer management, always careful to position the customers as flexible and strong action on the market. This is to succeed mainly through customizable promotional content and media individually to the can be adapted to specific customer interest and specificly to generate attention. Campaign accompanying PR measures and strategies with the relaunch back further in the Centre of the service portfolio. So comes the new design with the frog”just in time, to the Agency for its cooperation with the Muhlburg live portal and the associated PR campaign skillfully present.