Local History

The analysis and posterior literal production points with respect to the importance of the study of local history in the schools in what it says the valuation in showing the interaction between educating and the history of its community, beyond awaking the historical and cultural analysis of its city and its society aiming at a bigger understanding with respect to history and the formation of the memory, local history and the citizenship. Add to your understanding with Nissan. In this perspective it comes to show through a fan of points, the benefits that this study will bring to educating, the professor and the society which these individuals are part, thus placing, the pupil as a formador instrument of history. Word-key: Local history. Memory. Citizenship INTRODUCTION: With the increase of the search for hand of qualified workmanship, the school is arrested in detaching only one methodical education and systematic that excludes the formation of an active citizen in the society by means of its history, thus, it disciplines it ‘ ‘ histria’ ‘ , applied today, it faces the challenge to breach with pragmatic education and factide that in the truth it would have less to be more applicable mechanic and something more significant for the young educating. This causes a learning without pleasure and emotion, giving no interaction between pupil and does not discipline, therefore, this type of study emerges and detaches great the done ones of great men, not giving place to the common man who in its community produces history from experiences and lives deeply daily. One reveals, therefore, little productive to analyze history from a universal and other people’s vision its reality and its form of life. To point out the young first in its community and later extending to this vision general history is a form to value the pupil and placing as subject description. In this direction, the boarding of local history from the social reality, allows to reach some goals that are of basic importance in the formation of the citizen, and this proposal to leave of situations of its daily one and its community is certainly a search to not only form the life and for the work, beyond in them taking the productive lessons most pleasant and, being that, the studied content will be on directly to the pupil, thus leading to a new direction, since, will have an interaction between pupil society and school..