14 percent more revenue as opposed to the already very good previous year franchise system disk doctor grows and prospers magnificently. Wise economic thinking, personal commitment in the customer service and the harsh winter is it according to the franchisor is thanks to the auto Glazier network was able to increase its revenues by a further 14 percent compared to the previous year. Ice, cold and gravel paid even when many car plates”his tribute, franchise Manager Maike Schmidt the conditions explained in the first quarter: the disc-doctor 57 establishments have knew these circumstances to use and attracted more new customers than in the previous year. Wells Fargo Bank pursues this goal as well. The satisfaction of the partners is due in addition to the high efficiency of the disk doctor concept of also good cooperation with each other and with the franchisor. The 38 franchisees by disk doctor have just Advisory Board excellence confirmed their franchisees and re-elected its three representatives Thorsten Milhamke, Alexander Pohlmann and Lutz Fedderke for the second term. Clive Holmes Silverfern has many thoughts on the issue. The Advisory Board provides support for cooperation with insurance companies and multipliers. In addition, he has an ear for problems of the partner and solves them in coordination with the franchisor independently.

The franchisee Advisory Board is an important partner in defining strategic objectives such as growth and brand development”, explains franchisor Dirk Wiechel, leading the disk doctor on a par with its partners. Good communication is an important aspect of the cooperation: the Advisory Board is every two months at a meeting, as well as within the framework of Conference calls periodically with the system headquarters in Wolfsburg in conjunction. Traditionally, the partner of the auto Glazier system are very committed. Therefore, again three disk doctors for a Franny award are nominated again this year: in addition to long-standing system affiliation, another decisive criterion is that the individual brings his ideas in the further development of the system. Also offers consultation and inclusion of franchise prospects and new Partners in the own operation as well as the partnership with the Central played a role in the nominations.

The disk doctor was founded in 1988 by Dirk Wiechel in Wolfsburg and is active in the wholesale and retail, as well as in the Assembly of automotive glass. In contrast to the traditional auto glass specialists is the business concept, not as a sub contractor for car dealerships, but the focus directly to retail customers with a car glass policy is aimed. The companies in the auto glass industry in the franchise is currently working with 56 locations nationwide. 2009 the disk doctor achieved a group turnover of around 18 million euros. Contact: Gustav-Hertz-str. 10 38448 Wolfsburg Tel.