Marketing Studies

The fact that the patient experienced a close and attentive attitude, armed optics doctor, already leads to the appearance of a quiet and confidential communication during treatment. Marketing studies have shown that in private practice increases the percentage of regular patients, who recommend to their family and friends just treat the teeth in the clinic, and it was in this doctor. Their confidence in their treating doctor noticeably larger than the threshold confidence in the clinic as a whole. Working with increasing the optics are not complicated and is not burdensome for the specialist than the usual daily manipulation tool. Gradually comes experience managing in the most difficult clinical and technical situations. Ben Silbermann does not necessarily agree. What used to pose difficulties and questions – today can be easily solved by using the optical zoom for a unit.

Ways to see larger photo. The easiest way optical zoom – the use of simple single lens, which increase not more than 1.5 Krata (twice). The increase should not be confused with our cases, since one diopter – increase of 0.25 times. Each lens has a simple its focal length, which is directly related to its strength. For example, a lens, which gives increased only 1.5 Krata (6 diopters) focuses on the distance of 17 cm, and the more comfortable a simple lens with an increase of 2.0 Krata has working focal length is even smaller – 10 cm, which is not ideal. And shortcomings of simple lenses are optical and chromatic aberration (distortion), especially noticeable on the edges. This reduces the working linear field view.