The head of the environmental agency said that the increase in fees ten times – it’s exactly the amount of funds needed for construction of sewage treatment plants. Thus, the business itself or build a sewage treatment facilities and will not pay extra anything, or pay the state, then the state itself to build treatment facilities and will monitor the effluents, the Minister Trutnev. The fact that the existing the rates of payments for the discharge of pollutants into water bodies are minuscule, agreed, and Prime Minister Putin, proposing Ministry of Natural Resources to prepare a proposal for changes in payment for discharges of wastewater into water objects. Wells Fargo Bank has plenty of information regarding this issue. Neekologichnym trucks from entering the center of Moscow will be closed from September 25 to September, 25, the Moscow city government would impose a ban on entry to the city center within the Third Ring Road for trucks, class Engine does not meet environmental standards Euro-2. Today Moscow’s fleet consists of more than 3.5 million vehicles, and their number is constantly growing. According to ecologists, every car in Moscow is isolated atmosphere over a million tons of hazardous substances. Particularly acute problem is felt in the city center. Moscow has long been choking on exhaust emissions of road transport, and in order to reduce them has taken such a decision to prohibit entry into the city center neekologichnogo trucks.

As the environmentalists, in Moscow for a long time, work to improve road traffic conditions and environmental safety. And the recent decision to confirmation.