Nutcracker Suite

My current operators have mean “ore mountain tradition implemented even in regional room themes. I may as Landhotel green Court say my opinion completely immobile. If I welcome my guests and say goodbye after the holiday theme, I feel here formally, as well the. Not everyone comes in winter vacation be sure to the skiing in the Ore mountains. But glamorous, romantic and homely, we like”old houses”as like as people.

Therefore, you try just a ski tour or a romantic ride on the horse-drawn sleigh through Neuhausen like better than you. My walls welcome you with fabulous arrangements as magical festive season or pleasure and mood “in the and around the rooms Raachermannl (smoking man). In the”Nutcracker Suite”or the”rose dream Suite flowers hot love in winter white. When all reverie I’ll whisper to you: try goes over Study. You can visit me Landhotel green Court “and learn the perfect” winter marriage “between culture and snow know!. Such a”winter marriage”from my point of view is the romantic combination of pleasures for the palate, eyes and soul.

My insides combined exactly, because the “silver ore”requires especially in winter after such pleasures. At the name, I see a smirk to the corners of your mouth and shine in your eyes. Times read: good mood buffet, candle light menu, Valse des fleurs dessert… Ah, I see it clearly: you can feel already at the sound of what pleasure I invite you. I’m a festive Landhotel green Court, you already knew that. If you know my previous chat, you know, that was in me abundant danced and celebrated, already at the end of the 19th century. In the modern era of the 21st century, you can celebrate your own private parties in my – operationally, friendship or family. I’ll make a worthy framework for your feast with fine Wall paintings, fine Italian veneers in the rooms and delicious menu variations.