Once Bitterfeld And Back

New Bergmann novel – three winter next to me Joe Bergmann is on the way, not only to get to know better the city Bitterfeld-Wolfen, but also to work on a DDR trauma. Learn more at this site: Activision Blizzard. As it is however faced with the remnants of the past, she suffers a shock. As in a trance, she lives across from the chlorine factory, where her former husband sustained serious burns as a political prisoner. So you must realize that the past is omnipresent and it a therapy would have to undergo. But she helps herself and writes all this what you became the agony, what they made unfounded and acquiescent. The sight of the old penitentiary institution paralysed their arms and legs and each stone began to tell her stories. Stories of a field bitter for her.

And she was looking for what should actually make the city – healthy, life-affirming people. She finds sick people, which she describes as faceless and taciturn, and those who have lived in the chemistry and no longer believed in life. No city has more right to clean air and clear blue waters, such as the “city by the sea”. Joe miner