Perceiving this, the companies each time more see investing in this form of spreading, if benefiting of a cheap media efficient thus generating innumerable chances to the businesses. Its potential is not only more information and communication, more functions each time more as sales instrument. Campaigns on-line, banners informative, coorporativos email marketing, institucional sites, vestibules, hot sites, teasers, virtual cards and everything what the criatividades of action that the Web can allow, are part of this canal of relationship. Below the main advantages of and-marketing are distinguished: It allows a bigger accessibility: communication 24h to the day, 7 days per week and 365 days to the year? It creates an enormous interatividade with its customers and the ones that are potential. It allows to quantify, and to immediately evaluate the impact of the strategy of communication with the market. Low cost associated with this communication.

1,3 INTERNET 1.3.1 Internet CONCEPT is a conglomerate of nets in world-wide scale of millions of linked computers through an Internet protocol that allows to access the information and transferences of data. For Reedy, Schullo Zimmerman (2001, P. 99), ‘ ‘ the Internet is the world-wide net of of nets, making possible the millions of computers to share information between itself, some resources of communication, data bases and transaes’ ‘. 1.3.2HISTRICO AND EVOLUTION During cold war (decade of 60, 70 and middles of years 80) one of the biggest American fears of the north were to inside lose information housed in servers located of ‘ ‘ quartis generais’ ‘ strategical. If a point was bombed the important information and essential they would be lost. Of this form, the defense department thought about a system that established connection some points, of form that did not center the command. With a net where it does not have a central computer, in case that the White House were reached, the information would go for the Pentagon.