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Hello! I want to share with beginning a story about how I unraveled the site. Like everyone, I moved by the desire to tell all and sundry how wonderful I am and what good services are provided, etc. etc But the thing: about me Nobody knows! And then I made a plan of action: 1.Otkryt store 2.Sdelat site 3.Raskrutit site In paragraph 1, I shall not dwell. It's not on the subject, and a very long story. I can only say that the store is now working and does the job.

Second. Because, like most people, I just an ordinary user, the site helped me do my friend. Not a professional in this business, but a very intelligent guy who is versed in the subject matter. Makes the site from the soul and in spirit, without sleeping, eating and relaxing. He did that to Jumla from a template, but we have altered for themselves. It turned out, in our view, not bad (you can glance if you're interested: The following is an example of my site). And when you consider that investing only in Hosting and Respect to a friend, it's all cool I think! Third.

And the most important. Shop there, the site is There is no commercial. What should I do? work Hard and a lot! Or if you have money, you can easily find them used by other specially trained people and expensive advertising. Therefore, more can not read. If you have a hole in your pocket, but a great desire to grow, then you are here) The first thing to do – is to make your site readable and interesting for the people.