Public Budgets System

This system has its done feeding semester and has declaratory character of responsibility of the being federate. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Reeta Kapani. The validation of the data is made automatically through ' ' filtros' ' that they compare with transmitted information of previous semesters they calculate the minimum percentages applied in action and public services of health. As result, the SIOPS, it presents the combat to shunting lines and me the application of the public resources tied with the health, the biggest efficiency in the planning and the management of the Only System of Health and the improvement of the quality of the public health in Brazil. Now, as basic information of this article, the SIPS is tool of social control. All the collected information are disponibilizadas in it besiege any citizen to be able to analyze and to compare with other cities and other states and to take off its conclusions of as they are being applied the public resources. 3.SIOPE.

The System of Information on Public Budgets in Education is a common system to the SIOPS. Knowing that SIOPE is proper of the education, it possesss the characteristics of the SIOPS, however, come back toward analysis of the education. This system was instituted by Portaria Ministerial (MEC) n. 06, of 20 of June of 2006. It is an electronic system for collection, processing, dissemination and public access. It is operacionalizado by Deep the National one of Development of Educao (FNDE). The system is organized on the basis of three modules. In short, the three modules aim at the collection of data, storage and reports that allow to the access and the impression, for any person without password necessity.

Main the responsible ones for the fulfilling of data of this system are the users/employee state municipal theatres and. The data sent by this system are published in the site. Amongst its objectives it is to assure public transparency and advertising to the information and pointers on financing and investments in education.