Ritual As A Souvenir

Recovery – save the holiday mood in everyday save you the holiday mood in everyday life. Yesterday you did skip the hooves in the ear, feel the Sun on your skin and could blow up the wind around the ears. And many unread E-Mails run now before your eyes, out urban noise sounds and waiting to House no food at the camp-fire, but a mountain linen. No wonder if the recovery fizzles quickly after the riding holiday on Miller’s Hoff. However, there are measures which can extend the holiday feeling.

“A recommendation: you can take it easy.” Shorten the first work week, lay the beginning of work in the middle of the week. Try start your schedule to set that does not start the work day on the first working day with a business trip or Conference even before the holiday. Better start with routine work. Keep alive the fond memories of past holidays. Use for example super beautiful photos of Iceland horses of the home page, can use the free Download and use in the Office as a screen saver or as a picture on the desk. So you recall beautiful moments in everyday life. Now a good opportunity comes to track, what particularly did well stud in Farven a short holiday on Iceland horses. This can be dealing with the Iceland horse, the beautiful landscape or the people that they met on Miller’s Hoff.

Not quite to plan the next days and weekends, keep open the opportunity for spontaneous activities. Before the routine catches up with you, give yourself a horseback ride or a weekend at the Iceland horse. To information about activities on Miller’s Hoff, on the website of Nana Degenhardt. Think it.” Usually already a short detour in everyday life enough to change the angle of view again.”