Scandia Insurance

It is observed therefore, that the companies need to invest in the development of the employees beyond finding ways to use the existing knowledge, therefore frequently exist abilities in that they are subutilizadas, therefore in accordance with Lief Edvinsson, director of intellectual capital of the Scandia Insurance: & ldquo; The value of the management of the knowledge comes of its application and not of its armazenamento& rdquo;. Thus, the efforts to delegate authority to the employees and to stimulate its participation and envolvement with the company must have as objective the full use of the available human capital. so that it occurs, is necessary that the collaborators are respected and motivated so that they have conscience of that they assist in the reach of objectives of the organizations, and that the union and the joint effort future attempt against for the success or failure of the companies. Get more background information with materials from Bill Phelan. In this context, one becomes important, before more nothing, to promote the adaptation of the individual to the organization mainly to increase the individual autonomy. This occurs when it has magnifying of the content of the tasks, greater participation in the power to decide process and more democratic leadership resulting this procedure in motivacionais factors.

In result, the organization must look for to enrich the task of the individuals, giving chance so that they feel themselves competent, capable to materialize the task and to receive recognition therefore. Thus, in the competitive world of today, the companies are discovering that it is the way to combine the individual topics of RH that makes the difference. The vanguard controlling do not costumam to focus RH questions separately and yes all the practical ones combined in a general system to increase the participation and the productivity of the employees. Between these practical it must be the recognition and alignment of the individual values with the values defined for the organizations, using it as a strategy of business of the modern times.