Who could say that in future times, we would have three cellular ones for each person, or that in each house it would have at least a personal computer that would have the capacity to carry through some tasks at the same time where the human brain it receives these same information and it transmits them to these machines by means of a plate with buttons and a record that it reflects and/or it shines. in days thus we can the privilege witness scenes that the much time behind not if could if it wants to think about happening. The times had changed oldest the last generations above all taught the new and all, what it is work, as if must behave in a company, profession, money and many other things even though on ethics and disciplines, thing that today an adolescent of 15 or 16 years starts to learn in the school and never says thus? it finishes to learn. Therefore in we have passed nothing more than 20 years behind we are speaking, the ethics discipline and it were so to speak something that was infused in the character of each child, young or adult, however today ethical, only we find in that he conducts the advice of liberal professionals as the health professionals something it sort, who are the calls regional advice of some thing. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ben Silbermann . But this not yet is still my subject, what in the truth I want to cite is a curious fact that I lived deeply and I will continue to witness of one very aged lady who passed to my side when dislocating was me for my work walking, and its probable netinha, walked in direction to a place inserto to my eyes more than more got a cellular telephone for, thus not so advanced in mobility technology than in the truth it calls the attention for the form as the Mrs. asks for that netinha goes modifying the type sound that the cellular one will emit when to make some linking for that one telephonic device. E, but the extraordinary one, is that in the truth all these changes and more changes of sounds, would be because somebody not authorized finished changing the sound that would have to leave the device and the aged one in turn wanted that this was modified, what it would have to be touching equal to the sound programmed previously programmed for it, however menininha did not have conscience that sound had placed before, already Mrs. its possible grandmother alone to hear the stored possible sounds in the device obtained to define if he was the correct one or being in the truth all they do not know that the aged people you in serious problems of same hearing that in mayors health conditions, thus being I can say that today the news pass the last generations the new most aged advances through demonstration and to new through experience..