Maya Mr Carlos Barrios

We’ve previously talked of the TABLAMAYA, we will now do as the Mayan calendar. Contains the time Maya interpretation, as well as seasons and cycles, they have left demonstrated that it is immense and sophisticated. Comprises it 20 different calendars. The Mayans remained concerned about measuring the passage of time, thanks to the historical sense with which thought the future of life. Engaged to file detailed records of major sacred and political events. The Mayan calendar is the most perfect of Mesoamerican peoples, thanks to is precisely the Mayans were able to organize their daily activities, next to simultaneously record the passage of time, historizando these developments considered crucial, such as his military victories, Foundation of cities, moments of the coronation of princes, as well as the birth of new dynasties. They established the zero day, as some scientists have investigated corresponds to the 12 of August 3113 BC Has not been know to was due that choice, although it is very likely need to be a mythical date. That date moving in cycles of periods of twenty or fifty-two years, but each sequence was exactly equal to another, past or future, as the book of Chilam Balam puts it: thirteen times twenty years, and then will always begin.

Although some have given to interpret that on December 21, 2012 is the day of the end of the world, the scholar of the Maya Mr Carlos Barrios interprets that date as the date of revival, the output of the world of the Fifth Sun. It will be the output of a new era that results from the solar Meridian crossing the Galactic Equator, and the Earth aligning itself with the center of the Galaxy the Mayas were great in everything that we have been able to know of them, but predict the end of the world, I don’t think that was between his calculations, moreover, the Mayans were not prophetsthey were astronomers, big difference, also the famous 7 Mayan prophecies are said never existed, until he brought them to the TV a few years ago a Colombian. While it is true this December 21, 2012 is an important date for the Mayan culture, but according to new studies, never saw it as the end of anything, if you have seen is that your calendar is still by thousands and thousands of years more. Then, that is the reason so much prominence? What happens is that the Mayans were marking time on a very different scale to what any other culture ever did. The Mayans were much more ambitious, rather than keep track of the hours and the minutes, they thought on a large scale and hence that their calendar is divided into huge lots of time that to us seem to be very extensive, as it is that each serving is 5. 125 years, since the year 3113 C, until the 2012 dC.