The Idea

Brazil already is great in population and territory, but it can be bigger in problems or still gigantic in number of authorities, programs, projects and proposals of changes, nor that they are proposals of changes to make the opposite of what is being made or to leave to make something that was combined to make. If the income of the sender of this statement to increase, gives credit that it did not have lie, therefore something dumb and if it explains the growth of capital and, thus, Brazil also grows after all our leader is, for law, a Brazilian. One is about a metonmia where if it takes the part for all. Thus, how much to the income of the poor person, all know that poor in Brazil it is what it does not have income, is nothing, and if nothing to increase, if it cannot say that this promise was not marked. The phrase does not say that the income of the poor person, who is swims, goes to be everything, doravante. However, the interpretation leads to the extremity, with two sides: for the pessimist, it is that the poverty goes to increase and for the optimist, is that what does not have income, it goes to start to have some any that is. ' ' My friends, avante! We go together to construct our houses, schools, squares, clubs, to close arrests, to educate our young and to protect ours famlias' '.

In fact, he is possible and pleasant to work in set, mainly with friends who go to the front, enthusiastic, to make our service. In this in case that, the proposal corresponds to an invitation, discloses optimism, confidence in the collective work, partnerships, accords and are not committed in making something alone, justifying until the case not to make something due to contribution. The idea is that the action depends on the effort of all and not only of the leader.