Even if the workflow designer provides not the intuitive use of the Nintexx workflow, he is very good for most workflow tasks. Also, once created, workflows can be reused now. Interesting: With Visio services, it is now possible to use Visio to visualize processes directly from SharePoint out business intelligence with the help of lists and links you could depict 2007 simple data models in SharePoint, to display contacts from a central contact list for example, in a list. Once but more complex data relationships should be implemented, a separate database schema had to be established and mapped E.g. via the business data catalog in SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 now supports: the selection and display multiple columns from a linked target list.

So the phone number in a range entry might appear for example in addition to the contact at the same time. 2007 just laboriously was in SharePoint from the database development realize known concepts of “Restrict Delete” and “Cascade delete” (to delete subordinate records from a linked list when deleting a main list record with) the direct output of the ID field new possibilities of Excel Services (slicer filtering pivot tables, new charts, scorecards access databases publish SharePoint (access services) business connectivity services taxonomies and metadata in SharePoint 2010 approaches of the Semantic Web will be implemented. Even if there is still no use practical business use for this, it shows where the journey goes. SharePoint is becoming a kind of “Operating system for the Internet/web/intranet”. Who flirts with the introduction of Web 2.0 technologies within the company, has SharePoint an alexsanders and future-proof platform. Feature: Taxonomy (allows the appearance of a kind of knowledge map to a specific subject to certain terms and relations between them).

See for more information under glossary.html new column type: managed metadata term sets, term set Manager improvements in search of SharePoint 2010 offers a number of improvements FAST Search technology improved search algorithms phonetic search multilingual new interesting templates of Visio process repository: processes and workflows in Visio out in SharePoint make bugs / bug tracker: suitable for the management of the internal IT support projects: easy project management cost analysis application and recruitment in civil administration and citizen portals sales reports conference planning conclusion a round thing! Microsoft has copied from a lot of specialized providers and successfully integrated into the new platform. The learning curve for both user – and administrator level SharePoint newcomers is much easier to master. SharePoint and shows clearly the strategic future direction: towards the Web, to the “cloud”, the “operating system for the Internet” respectively “OS 2.0 for the company as a whole”. If you are looking for a holistic path to the company better and future-proof depict all knowledge and information processes, you hardly come to SharePoint.