Four Development Tendencies

With the development of enterprises of coal dressing, the demand for screening equipment becomes stronger, which improves the development of the vibrating screen to a new stage. The following is the development trend of vibrating screen by analyzing the current development of screening machinery. (1) To the standardization, serialization, universalization. This development trend involves in the development of varieties, vibrator, screen frame, side plate, sieve plate, beams, drive shaft and so on. It is an effective way to facilitate the design, organize specialized production, guarantee quality and reduces costs.(2) To the large scale. The industrial modernization process promotes the enterprises to expand their scale and the production capacity is greatly enhanced.

As for the conventional coal preparation plant, the production capacity of 200-300 million t / a is large, but now the coal preparation plant with the production capacity of 12 million t / a is not common. Therefore, the large scale screening equipment with large capacity and high screening efficiency is wanted to form a complete set. With the introduction of dynamic design method and modernization of manufacture means, the structure of large scale screening equipment will be rationalized and the period of trouble-free operation will be further extended. (3) To the high vibration and high strength. That is to say, increasing the vibration parameters, which have a major impact on the processing capacity and screening efficiency of vibrating screen. In addition to the high-frequency screen, foreign advanced screening machine is equipped with vibration times 980r/min and vibration intensity 4.5-7A2/gn.(4) To the ideal motion. It refers to that the amplitude of the feed end is larger than that of the discharge end in the vertical direction, while the speed of the materials from the feed end to the discharge end decreases progressively in the longitudinal direction. This ideal screen surface movement approach has the advantage that the efficiency of each section and the entire machine can be improved, creating a good environment.