Compatible Cartridges From Different Manufacturers

Community and home office equipment and those who buy supplies for her is not surprised that one manufacturer cartridges suitable printers from other manufacturers. In fact, this is easily explained. Here a few examples. Printers Hewlett-Packard and Canon. About 80% of the components for Hewlett Packard printers produced in factories in China that are owned by Canon.

This fact has long been known, and no one is in doubt. This is due mainly to the fact that for HP is simply good. Engaged in the manufacture in America get expensive, and correspondingly high cost of products obtained. Canon is a partnership founded as profitable as it is for HP. In fact, after the completion of the production some models of the HP for quite a little money can use their design firm Canon. The most obvious example of such cooperation – Printers HP LaserJet 1100 and Canon LBP-810. It is necessary not to forget the fact that the printer Canon LBP-810 were replaced by all electronic components, but the mechanical part is identical to the HP LaserJet 1100 printer. This case can be considered the most well-known, honest and fruitful partnership in this market segment.

The design of the HP and Canon are different, method of sales and marketing and others. Have been several improvements in the schematic diagram of the HP LaserJet 1100. Cartridges Xerox and Samsung. This partnership is an important place in our history, because it is relatively new in Compared with the partnership founded HP and Canon. Nevertheless, one can not assert that the union is less effective. Almost the entire range of small household devices, backed by Xerox Samsung. In some cases, repeat affected, and electronic components. The reason is that the same factor and Canon – HP. Add to this the high popularity of Samsung's electronic market in Russia. Note that this partnership is mutually beneficial as well, because the interests of the companies are not violated. Position the Xerox in the Russian consumer market is rather relaxed, this is a significant fact. When the Samsung business in this market are pretty good. In co-operation in the production apparatus described above, supplies occupy a leading position. Cartridges Samsung this exact copies of Xerox cartridges and vice versa. Only a "reverse" it turned out not quite accurately. So pay attention when buying a printer cartridge Xerox, made this cartridge under the supervision of Xerox or not. Definitely, you can benefit by buying ink cartridges for Xerox Samsung, because the benefit of the purchase can be up to a quarter the price. HP ink cartridges and Xerox. The most notable and very high-quality tandem which showed that the HP print cartridge can be bought for a quarter cheaper. The most common cartridges, which are duplicated for Xerox printers and MFP HP, were: C7115A, C7115X, C4092A, C3906A, C3903A, C4096A, C4127A. But there were idrugie model. Quality compatible cartridge so high that even attempts to counterfeit it. Completely replaced the bunker, the doctor blade, charge roller, toner and selenium drum. The new packaging design. Own protection against counterfeiting.