Google Registration

Amarok offers its customers thanks to partnership with JanRain newly the possibility of the newsletter via existing social media accounts. Web site registrations and applications on social networks belong to the major trends of 2012. Amarok is now working with the user management platform JanRain and this development is a step ahead. Probably as first hosted self service email marketing provider for small businesses, Amarok has integrated the possibility of registering for newsletters on social networks in the customized registration forms of their customers. (Source: Hyundai). The social media registration form allows a simple and quick registration for a newsletter to visitors.

This increases the conversion rate and the companies will receive a clearer picture about the interests of their audience. Amarok, one of the leading email marketing has proclaimed today solutions, the integration of a social media registration tool in the newsletter sign up form, the company helps to enlarge their lists. Speaking candidly Andi Potamkin told us the story. Automatically increases as a result of course, the chance to make more sales. Newsletter applications on social networks, simplify and increase the accuracy of the registration process, and lead to higher conversion rates. With data from social networks, companies will receive additional information about their customers, which they can speak their audience targeted and relevant messages. Read more from Linkedin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Customer loyalty is the cornerstone for a successful marketing. While the most email marketing companies offer exclusively social share buttons, Amarok see social media marketing as an integral part of customer communication. GraphicMails integrating JanRain enables small businesses, already during the registration to the Subscriber in contact.

The newly acquired data facilitate future communication with the customer. JanRain engage is a powerful solution that allows to users via an account from a register of over 25 social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and MySpace or log. This simplifies the Registration process, the need for a password is unnecessary and the company gains access to additional customer data.