Albert Einstein

Human intelligence has been studied. There are countless theories here that have tried to explain it. None are entirely satisfactory. It is a complex phenomenon. And to get an idea of the complexity you can say some things. Pair start, that researchers are not agreement on what is intelligence.

Some define it formed especially with skills toward logic or mathematics. Others with geometric or verbal skills mainly. And so thousands of different approaches and tests that are intended to measure it. But the truly interesting thing is the question of the origin of the intelligence. And especially related to a question: can develop intelligence or have to settle for the one that has? There are those who say that it is a genetic condition. And therefore it is unchangeable. Do not realize that if so abundaria between members of a family. And more specifically it would inherit.

I.e., the son of Albert Einstein was a genius. Or perhaps it would be his grandson. You’ve heard of them? Probably not. This theory is untenable. Without denying that genetics play a small role, such a theory not already convinced. It is very clear that it has more to do with learning. It is most closely related to the cultural level and the development of skills than with a gift of nature. So don’t stop learning; your current intellectual level is not definitive. Problems you’ll have to face life along you need to have a clear mind. Feed your culture, studies and stay informed if you really want to do something that deserves to be counted. Only being cult can be truly free.