Schedule Business

There is a point at which fails constantly and that is one of the most strong bases in the process of auspiciamiento (of entering new partners to the network): the follow-up, which is to build credibility and trust. In other words you could say that follow-up is, earn the respect of like-minded people to your business. If not agendamos this follow-up with a business meeting, the prospectus tells us that he will think, that we are going talk, that we see it the following week, etc. lose control. Today, in the era of Web 2.0 it is possible to do this monitoring through voluntary subscription newsletters; also known as follow-up. The platform that I use is Aweber, the secret is to never lose control of the process, with that reflection you must put posture to follow-up, and if the prospect understand the benefits of this business, is essential to schedule with the date and time you will see your doubts and a decision will be taken. The closure of your exhibition of the plan would be something like the following: first, we give you the plan of business, explaining and being totally honest, where earnings are coming from and why it is the best way to generate income, what is expected of him, and in numbers how much could win with this (the business that more millionaires is generating: the Bible of the MLM is a good book for understanding this process). Second, ask questions later can help clarify things amongst yourselves.For example: what you most you like? If the answer is Yes: would you start your business? do if she tells you that you want to analyze, consult with the couple or their horoscope, say you something like what follows: – well, what do you need to make a decision-? For utlimo, if you want information you can send you MATERIAL evaluate it.