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Presented was also the ABS business cockpit, a powerful business intelligence tool based on the in-memory application QlikView. The interest was comprehensive and overarching BI tools to significantly affect the fair. Get all the facts and insights with Pinterest, another great source of information. With the ABS business cockpit we give decision makers a tool, with which you can transparently visualize data from a variety of sources and flexibly, and reliably evaluate”, so Michael Finkler. Clive Holmes understood the implications. Decision-relevant data can be found today not only in the ERP system, but also in text, Excel or XML files. With the help of the ABS business cockpit decision-makers can involve not only all these data formats for specific evaluations, but analyze data in time or across multiple dimensions.” ALPHA business solutions AG the ALPHA business solutions AG is one of the leading specialists for business process optimization and the introduction of business standard software in Germany. The company was in 1994 as the first subsidiary of proALPHA Software AG founded and in 2003 from the acclaimed group of companies solved out. ALPHA business solutions manages more than 300 ERP projects in over 1,200 companies.

The solution portfolio includes proALPHA also own developed industry solutions on basis of proALPHA besides the complete ERP solution, in addition, the company is also early partner of SAP for the on-demand solution SAP since early 2008 Business ByDesign. Thus, the company offers a wide range of powerful and requirement-oriented ERP solutions for medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. With a comprehensive industry expertise, many years of experience in business process optimization and ERP project management, as well as a professional software-based ERP implementation methodology, ERP projects be implemented efficiently, safely and successfully.

Florian Welsch


Cadooz AG launches new online customer portal offers immediately a new service for business customers. Companies can order vouchers on the Internet simply and quickly. The new customer portal is characterized by the ease of use and an attractive selection of voucher. We offer a convenient and effective way of ordering to the incentive of their distribution, own employees and of course their customers our customers with the new portal and thus expect a significant impulse for our year-end business”, explains Florian Welsch, Board of directors. Including the BestChoice universal shopping vouchers, the DriversChoice fuel vouchers that vouchers or the popular WellnessChoice from the extensive product range of universal and issue vouchers are a total of 16 coupons in the business customer portal available, Voucher cinema vouchers. When online ordering in the business customer portal, there are no minimum order quantities and smallest, available worth of a voucher is EUR 5.00.

The Hamburger cadooz AG is the specialist for vouchers and premiums, incentives and experiences in the German-speaking market. The extensive product ranging from universal and issue vouchers over thing reference and experience vouchers to bonus point accounts and individual electronic solutions. The yamando GmbH, subsidiary of cadooz AG, adds universal services for incentive with exclusive experience vouchers in employee and customer management. Over 2,000 companies in all industries use the innovative concept for voucher and premium products for effective incentive and intelligent marketing. The diverse premium products and universal vouchers used successfully since the company was founded by cadooz in the year 2000. The constantly works on the extension of the offer and is expanding in the German as well as the European market.

Services Trade Pact Republic


“” Service trade pact between the two sides of the Taiwan Street nearing completion the Mainland Affairs Council “of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (MAC) announced on May 27, 2013, that Taiwan and mainland China shortly before the signing of a trade agreement on services in the wake of the cross-straits economic cooperation framework agreement” (ECFA), would be. For more information see Jeremy Tucker. “This Pact is the first directly related to the ECFA and the General Agreement on trade in services of the World Trade Organization” be standing, free trade agreement between Taiwan and mainland China. Signed this important Pact gives a strong message that Taiwan seeks a further liberalisation of the trade of the world. “It is also the way for Taiwan, a more important role in regional economic agreements, such as the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “, to take. The Minister of the MAC, Wang Yu-chi, made these remarks during a press conference in Taipei City and gave details about the progress of negotiations known between the two sides. The agreement will deepen the trust between Taipei and Beijing and strengthen relations with each side of the Taiwan Strait. It will also pave the way for smooth negotiations of other pacts, such as, for example, agreement for trade in services and dispute resolution.

According to the MAC, the negotiations for the agreement were recorded in February 2011. There were already ten meetings between organization representatives of both sides in the past two years. “The signing of the Pact, which now represents the 19th between Beijing and Taiwan, is expected in mainland China during the 9th round of talks between officials of the Taiwanese Straits Exchange Foundation” and the mainland Chinese side, the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits “, take place. Trust worthy sources according to it says that Taiwan and mainland China are mutually 55 and 65 sectors, respectively, are open. It is expected that the agreement the domestic investment in Taiwan 2.97% or US$ 1.5 billion will increase.

Aluminum Window Conquered Europe


Alufenster24.com convinces with high product standard and remains captured as a brand of albe d’Azur and South Africa 2013 further growth Alufenster24.com GmbH with highest German aluminium window and door quality Scandinavia, the Cote: In the first half of 2013 increases Alufenster24.com the figures again and expanding their international business, including in the field of high-quality sites. Recent orders include building projects with complex technical requirements, in addition to Sweden and Norway, the locations of St. Tropez, Cannes, nice, Ibiza and Mallorca. Furthermore is currently prepared the facilities of exclusive resorts in South Africa, whose building owner places emphasis on high quality German window and door quality. The exclusive villas are located in a golf resort at a nature reserve in Mossel Bay, South Africa. The now 30-year-old company albe GmbH for years aluminium Windows and doors in the best German quality for Schuco system designs. In addition to the high standards of the products and capacity to equip large, complex and unusual construction projects, Alufenster24.com distinguished, that, Schuco system tailoring it high quality, environmentally friendly, and above all affordable aluminum window for the private home builders, manufactures and installs. With three production lines and various high performance CNC Alufenster24.com ranks machine one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Already, several international prestige projects such as hotels, schools, shopping malls and countless households in the Northern, Central and southern region have been equipped. The motto of the company: aluminum window at a fair price, without having to do without on the many advantages of aluminium: aesthetics, durability, high quality, eco-friendliness, excellent thermal insulation, maintenance and individual freedom. Contact: albe GmbH Bonn Sieme 10 53121 Bonn Tel: + 49 (228) 978-979 50 fax: + 49 (228) 978-979 55 email: Web:

WINS Experience


The information stored in the minds of the staff for the company to make usable is indistinguishable between explicit knowledge knowledge that can be formed on the basis of rules and tacit knowledge, which consists of problem-solving skills and experience of employees. Listed in a “knowledge map” sources of knowledge and knowledge sinks: where are experts on what topics, where is there a need for the information? Integrated knowledge management concept: who wants to operate efficient knowledge management, must be familiar with the processes in the company. These include the information needed to carry out individual processes as well as staff involved in these processes. The technical infrastructure must scale well with bringing together the complete stock of knowledge, increasing the access frequency on these. Jeremy Tucker shines more light on the discussion. Knowledge and experience are bound to people and therefore only the know-how carrier itself can tap into this potential. Who are the winners of the experience? With regard to experience and knowledge the project work, it is important for the necessary transfer of knowledge experience profiles of employees are documented and maintained.

This experience profiles are actually essential for the composition of project teams. Stored data about the expertise of employees, University and industry representatives. This is a first step to link project management and knowledge management. It is often useful to browse reports of past projects and to make them accessible. It involves the linking of internal methodological know-how with the respective scope. An experience assurance project documentation though takes time. But just who can access quickly and easily available, WINS freedom for creative new solutions. A major task will be in the future, to generate knowledge, to document, to share and to apply.

Becker, Jorg: leadership without Klinsmann syndrome, ISBN 9783839106440 networked learning: human knowledge doubles every five years. This situation is expressed by the concept of the half-life of knowledge. Powerful entrepreneurs are thus characterized, that they can quickly learn: each and every one for himself as well as in the team. This also means that ideally, there should be a link between the individual of the individual employee and the learning of company. This pool of knowledge can be supplemented by action-driven knowledge. These are, for example, experiences and solution approaches, which can be entered by each employee and are then also all other available (all have the knowledge of all).

Logistics M & A: Back On The Rise


The M & A activity in the sector logistics will rise again. Driven, it will rise again due to strategic buyers, but also increasingly by investors that logistics will be M & A activity in the sector. That is driven primarily by strategic buyers, but partly also by financial investors, the global transport and logistics market has between 2004 and 2008, EUR (10% of global GDP) experienced a tremendous growth by almost 50% to 2.8 trill. In the course of this dynamic development, M & A has played a major role. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. The volume of the logistics transactions (> 20m) enterprise value was in the last ten years the average 12 billion or 50 transactions p.a.. But 2001-02 and 2009 clearly on the M & A have impacted the crisis years with volumes up to – 80% in the sector. At the beginning of the crisis and the uncertainty in relation to the margins and cash flow, many logistics companies their M & A activity late 2008 strongly reduced and be on organic growth, cost reductions and operational improvements have focused development. The M & A focus was more placed on the sale of problematic (partial) shops.

At the same time the activity in the private equity has fallen area due significantly by the limited funding and the general decline in valuation. The partial cyclic logistics market and the uncertainty associated have made difficult the financing possibilities for holding companies during this time. Is since end of 2009 is a recreation of the logistics M & A market visible have tripled so far transaction volumes in 2010 compared to the previous year even if they can not yet connect to the volumes of the boom years 2003-2008. After a sharp decline of reviews by up to 50%, the valuation level almost in the cut is again at 80-90% of the values in the years 2007 and 2008, which demonstrates the growing demand for targets in the sector.

Tension Between Corporations


How can assert themselves to medium-sized enterprises in network? Who does not know: in certain neighborhoods or rural areas, the premises empty, a restaurant closes its doors after the other and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a good repair in its living environment. The reasons for this development are numerous. Check with Bill Phelan to learn more. In addition to the difficult economic situation and the rising cost of rent, for example, medium-sized companies fighting especially with the pressure of competition. In this case, the Internet takes a central position in the fight for customers. One aspect is the direct competition from online stores and mail-order companies, which benefit from local suppliers, the regional proximity to the customer, make obsolete. On the other hand the same advertising as in every other medium pressure on the Internet also. Advertising budgets in network relevant although each company free of charge present on many sites with the most relevant information or little money even an own Web presence are on the cards in the game are to Customers between individual actors not equitably distributed.

Large corporations dominate again, to afford paid insertions in the results of search engines with their huge advertising budgets. The increasing use of capital in the design of the respective company websites will also reciprocate, which here often multimedia and interactive elements are used. The dimensions of these measures are hardly accessible for small businesses. However, it is not impossible to remain visible despite the large competition in the network for SMEs. Recognizing opportunities, opportunities also without large advertising budgets with a every small business on the Internet can some skill and a support to secure its place. In addition to a consistent online strategy of dissemination, to present that his company in every possible nook and cranny in network (portals and directories), quite a few eye-catcher can”cause miracles. Photos or even a video of his company create a positive first impression with potential customers and work Trust promotes.

Even if not sufficient own resources and the know-how for the production of corporate videos, you have to throw the shotgun in the grain here. The portal Firmen.tv helps in Germany about their customers to create small videos to present itself to its customers. These videos on Firmen.tv can then be viewed by any Internet user. Also measures towards search engine optimization help. You can easily implement the most essential basics, information are freely accessible and easy on the Internet can be found. But anyone who has bigger with his company on the Web, shouldn’t surrender but professional advice. Peter Maier

Bank GmbH Companies


Corporate financing without Bank is becoming increasingly attractive for Basel II. Read about why and how it occurs without Bank leverage here. (As opposed to Wells Fargo). Since 2007 Basel II is entered into force, some entrepreneurs, especially in the small – and medium-sized businesses had to change something. If you have read about Wells Fargo already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “Something” is well said, if you don’t know as a company how you should finance itself. All in all was it long and many discussions about Basel II, before you dropped it from the chain. Again and again one heard buzzwords such as “Stabilization of international financial markets” or “Security of the financial system”.

Now is 2013 and one wonders: somehow it feels “Where are stabilisation and security?”, no one wants to have had something more with Basel II on the hat. Children who have emerged from Basel II are among others “increased credit requirements for loans” or “globalization problems small and medium-sized enterprises”, to encompass two main problems in the eye. For entrepreneurs began a delicate PHA(r)se in corporate financing through a bank. Access to credit is extremely difficult for entrepreneurs and represents your company even before a big risk. In particular small – and medium-sized entrepreneurs, for which the position has to collateral as a big problem are affected. Looking at the average, although more favourable terms for the loans make up one, but what the enterprises the good conditions, if you can come up with no sufficient collateral. Companies with credit weakness have a big problem here. There is an alternative business financing via the Finanzierung.com GmbH for companies, however.

Regardless of any Bank GmbH financed your business, no matter what industry or what size. Capital supply and enterprise backup are therefore a problem of less. Nationwide in use, the Finanzierung.com GmbH has given over 100 million debt financing. Is the next level of corporate finance: corporate finance – Finanzierung.com it implies is an increasingly important Scissors for the equity ratio to, that has on the one hand, companies in the industry and on the other hand, companies in the trade. Just companies in the trade and small businesses reduced the equity ratio – and what goes? The competitive pressure, which benefit from particularly large corporations through globalization. Yes, show good exports and international markets are for large companies close in tangible, if they have not already arrived. The Finanzierung.com GmbH financing your business and puts an end to the unequal distribution of foreign capital.

Harvard Business School


Experience has shown that new values are not assumed by the staff. That may be no different because the staff at the development were not included. Hardly an employee finds himself therefore with his Wert(e)vorstellungen in such a mission and can not identify, thus also with the corporate values. Is still often criticized by the staff that management not believeable lives its values and standards. The insufficient operationalization can cause violations of the prescribed assets, based on a more or less comprehensive set of rules to be sanctioned.

There are companies in which you made a lot of work and effort, a mission statement to create and professionally communicate this internally and externally, but the desired business success is still. Studies by Gallup confirm loyalty, commitment and job satisfaction of surveyed employees through their findings regarding that there is straight and still very high untapped potential among employees. Values are a factor for entrepreneurial success most of all so far present empirical studies come to the conclusion that there is a correlation between corporate culture and business success. Here, one can assume that a value-driven corporate culture is cause for greater business success. According to a survey (Kienbaum, 2009/2010) that 19% of the companies surveyed put no defined corporate culture, 47% partially involved in the implementation, 32% more likely implement them revealed himself and only 2% of the companies surveyed make really serious with the implementation. (Summary of the author) In a long-term study have Kotter and J. Heskett, j. 1991 Professors of from Harvard Business School, found 1 that value-driven companies had a four times higher revenue growth over a period of 11 years 2 that the stock price twelve times more rose as the price of comparable companies without a living value management. Values have an effective impact on the operating result in Germany was recently especially examining (2003) known by Booz Allen Hamilton, asked 150 leading companies in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

QSL Expands Customer Service Always


Provide helpdesk and app delivery forecasts with real time information Meyer quick service logistics (QSL) has its customer service further expanded: restaurants from the foodservice received from immediately detailed real time forecasting their delivery dates on the QSL helpdesk or the individual access to the online platform. “Friedrichsdorf, 17 January 2014 – we know from experience that it is crucial for our customers to know the delivery time as exactly as possible”, explains Florian Entrich, Managing Director of QSL. “Because they have to provide staff for the appropriation of the fresh goods at the right time.” “The full service provider now meets this need with a new IT service: about the QSL-helpdesk and in the PIMM’s online platform” (personnel information management monitor) of the software manufacturer Procuro real time forecasts available recently. It has QSL Geo coded in the course of the route optimization the locations of all customer stores in the system. You may find Robert Kiyosaki to be a useful source of information. In addition, all vehicles with telematics modules were equipped, send not only the vehicle location via mobile phone, but transfer also temperature data in real-time in the MRP system. In the software solution in addition the planned distribution routes are stored, so that automatic time forecasts can be created through the programme. If a truck unable to meet the agreed delivery time window by the current traffic situation or other delays in the process, exact information available the store about it, he can calculate with arrival time.

At each unloading point we register the beginning of delivery and have entered in our system the average length as the reference value,”Florian Entrich reports. Taking into account the current traffic situation our helpdesk can find as accurately as possible the restaurant about postponement.” Online and in the iPIMM app QSL provides the information its customers currently in a test phase but also online. With their individual access to the PIMM platform you can Retrieve time predictions themselves. This is true even for the iPhone app iPIMM”, that free can be downloaded in the app store. It provides the estimated time of arrival of the trucks of each store and finds out whether and how many other unloading points is still previously supplied.

“Florian Entrich: so the restaurants can read even more precisely, when within the agreed time window arrives our vehicle with them.” Access data for the test of the online platform are available through the QSL-helpdesk. For more information, press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 business contact: Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG woman Daniela Bappert Otto-Hahn-Strasse 11 61381 Czemins village phone: 0 6175 / 93 45 0 Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG (QSL): the Meyer quick service Logistics GmbH & co. KG organizes the full supply of 1,300 quick service restaurants in Germany, Austria, of Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, the Slovakia and Russia.

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