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This article is a practical advice and opinions of the author about the criteria that must match the company for the successful introduction of business over the Internet. It will be useful to all networker, especially those who decided to enter the business on the Internet. Source: Clive Holmes. Thus, less water, more concrete, let us begin … 1. Young company Even an inexperienced person, it is clear that the most money are those who have been the first in the beginning of something. And in If MLM companies, it is especially important.

Not only because the pioneers in the first 1-3 years of existence, the market get 80% of the total income, and because young companies young and a new vision of business! They try to use of new technologies, namely Internet, and to keep pace with the times. Well, if the management of intelligent, then so be it. There is one important thing, it is desirable to join the company, with not an open market, or only in early development of the market, and not as a “guinea pig”, that is, to a company that was a critical barrier in the 3-4 years of existence. 2. American Company (optional) If you work in a global network, we believe that this very important point, since, working in the Internet, you can develop several projects. But for obvious reasons, for this you can discredit to the company. Why is it happen? Because no such law, wherever it was said that you did not “slave” of his company.



No need to drag on everything that you buy (even the joy of buying may facilitate this “fate”). If you are buying a gift, to make Surprise on a certain day, then your home purchase must still hide somewhere good. When buying goods through an online store, these problems can be solved by themselves. All that is needed – is to click on the interest group goods, and then to the one that you like and you ppoluchite complete information about a product, including all the functional details, dimensions, weight (if this is something great). st websites. After all these short procedures, you will only add selected item to your shopping cart, place your purchase order and specify a shipping address. Everything else will do for you store employees.

Saved three or four hours you can safely devote work, children, loved ones or themselves (not least favorite). On the other hand, being alone with a computer, you are not subject to impulse purchases, which often catch us clever marketers, and the effect of the surrounding crowd. If you are unsure about the choice, we can not rising from a chair, “a run” on other similar stores, compare prices and choose what you really like. Often, online stores offer merchandise at lower prices than the real ones. This is due to the fact that the contents of a “trade points” in the virtual space is cheaper than real, if only because of the lack of the same rent for the premises. By the way, keeping pace with the progress already, and many off-line stores arrange representation (let us familiar language, opening additional offices) on the Internet. Term of delivery order, usually from 30 minutes (ready meals, food and medicines) to one or two days (Other products), if the shop is located in one of your city, and two to three weeks required for the postage – if it’s another city.

This period can be shortened by using the services of courier services, however, Shipping costs, of course, will increase. Many dread and fear stop a pig in a poke, they say, will order one, and bring some nekonditsiyu, and I then I’ll do with it? The main thing to remember: The rules trade has not been canceled regardless of whether it is a real store, with a door and a sign above it, or a virtual screen of your monitor. Trade rules are the same for everyone, including the Law on consumer protection, certification and etc. Statistical studies conducted on the Internet, and backed by experience acquaintances say: everyone who has access to internet-shop later returned to it regularly to this mode of purchase.