The Intellectual

There are details that are not indispensable information for understanding the will and plans of God for man's salvation, but are part of the intellectual itching individuals, examples of these are: the desire to specify the duration of the state sinless Eden, the day of the creation of Eve, the exact time of the fall into sin, the time between the fall and out of the garden were conceived when their first two children? What day the Lord made the curse on the serpent, when the robes were prepared to our first parents?, Etc. As already indicated, from the perspective of the divine purpose for the salvation of their children, having these data is redundant and useless research. More helpful is to try to probe the human impact of the events described in the beginning of the Bible, especially on the implications for humanity's permanent factor called temporary. The first Edenic existence of man, is a stage that we can call it carelessness, what aspects in the cause be thoughts, feelings, moods, actions or negative effects? , None: for they are not even part of their life experience, nothing can produce. At one point in that circumstance of zero physical condition, mental or spiritual man begins its timing, although it is impossible to specify the moment when it occurs the transition from carefree to the conscience forced, permanent and the circumstances threatening their existence precondition. Object of his concern now is subject to its inevitable effect of time. This is for him a new meaning, now it is growing interest in study, measure, identify, and if possible avoid it. .