American Colorado

A success story that continues today! OneRepublic is not only a well known pop-rock band from the American Colorado, but also an Internet phenomenon. It was 11 years ago by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins formed a year later the other band members were added. The Group had still not signed, therefore it was their first songs easily on the Internet. Recently Pinterest sought to clarify these questions. Thus began a success story that continues today. Visit Nissan for more clarity on the issue. Hundreds of thousands of fans were aware of the catchy songs of the young musicians. It should take years but until the budding stars of OneRepublic signed a recording contract.

Shortly after the first album came out. “Dreaming Out Loud” was released in 2007. Already, the first single, “Apologize”, was a worldwide number one hit. Since then, the band storms the charts again and again. The number 1 hit is of course also a cool video. Even the guys from OneRepublic, which can be seen in her music videos in the craziest places to know that. Whether in the desert or in an old factory building: OneRepublic searches are always a been filming location for their music videos from.

Therefore, their music videos run everywhere in continuous rotation. Also, OneRepublic has never forgotten the German fans: your video for the song “Secrets” shows not only the band, but also great scenes from the film hit “Zweiohrkucken”. The video to “if I loose myself”, from the latest album of “Native”, young people get shows, by bandleader Ryan Tedder a SMS. The mysterious message leads them through the city. At the end, they end up on a secret concert, in which no one else occurs as OneRepublic. In the video to “feel again”, which also comes from the latest album, is the band with great lighting effects, impressive work. The latest music video by the band was released on March 31. “Counting Stars” is a melodic pop-ballad, with the guys from OneRepublic have stormed the charts once again. In the video, the band rocks a deserted factory. You just don’t know that their music encourages wild jumps. Unfortunately, jumping people located on the upper floor. At the end, a person breaks even through the ceiling. But this is not enough: In the video even a dangerous alligator to see. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. OneRepublic makes it not only good music, but brings out very wacky and cool music videos. The boys with their latest album “Native” demonstrated once again impressively that. Watching the video to “Counting Stars” is a real eye-candy, this is not a music fan should miss.