Business Model Coach

Thus, the profession of coaching has many advantages over the others, and its advantages can be described in a long time. So, if you want to know more about it, I recommend to download a free book by Anatoly Tikhomirov, "Successful Business Model Coach" As coaches earn more than $ 5,000 a month. Source: Ben Silbermann . " This book is about how to make decent, using their talents helping people. Here's the link:. And if you suddenly want to fly coach, but it turns out that their prices are too high for you, then you should go to the site focus, and you will get acquainted with their electronic "counterpart." Given project is unique, and is a trainer of effective thinking, which helps to realize a dream, achieve goals, solve a problem or get rid of the problems with using the tools of coaching.

His services are a few orders of magnitude cheaper, and therefore available to anyone. In addition, he works around the clock and completely confidential. The creator of "Focus" professional coaching and business coach Eugene Greenberg, the aim of the project not only support people, but also promotion of the coaching of the Russian-speaking population. Also, it is worth noting that in recent years many Internet entrepreneurs as an added bonus to your goods (and rarely as a separate service), offering customers even own coaching support. This allows people to quickly achieve their goals and solve any problems, because they are not left alone with purchased the product and do not understand yourself in its further use, and over time begin to work closely with the author directly, which helps in all of them, rendering their "After sales" support. Thus, coaching is becoming a very popular form, as an independent business, as well as an additional service to an existing case. And we have to admit, in some sales training materials, namely the presence of coaching, for many people is the decisive factor to determine their final purchasing decision. So, by all means advise each online businessman to pay attention to this trend in e-commerce, and to take it on board.