Earth Ecological

If you are the owner in the House where habita and want to reduce your ecological footprint, you can search for alternative energy sources such as solar panels and windmills. Now, you also should consider strategies to reduce its ecological footprint outside the home. Start by frequently use public transport of the city or the place where you live, also can ride a bike when they are short journeys. Try walking instead of driving. With regard to the foods you eat, in addition to being better for the environment, the local purchase of food also supports the local economy.

To further reduce its ecological footprint also can be helpful the implementation of the three a: reduce, reuse and recycle.Try to reduce the amount of resources used by purchasing items with a minimum of packing, avoid purchasing products that you will not use. Re-use of empty containers, leverage in thrift stores, find creative ways to give new life to old objects. Finally, the importance of recycling of unwanted elements will give you the possibility of using less harmful materials for the planet. To reduce its ecological footprint even more, think more extreme lifestyle changes. Try living in a smaller House, or share the space in your home with more people. On the other hand, change your diet: animal products are much less efficient than plant products and require much more energy to be produced, also fighting a little with the extinction of species that is currently in a critical condition. If you make small or large changes to reduce its ecological footprint, it will truly make a difference. Other citizens show how easy that is, so will encourage people to reduce their own ecological footprints, and will lead to lower consumption in general. Although It may seem difficult at first, already mentioned changes made a positive difference in the total amount of resources available on Earth, and will make human life more sustainable growing.