If you are dissatisfied with the current job that you do, you feel that it is not for you, that you don’t full, that you spend many hours a day there inside, that the salary they receive is not enough, that the company where you are working you don’t like is time that you make a stop in your life, let the complaints aside and begin to create new options for your working life. It depends only on you that you can see them. Don’t forget that if you first see these possibilities in your mind, you will be able to express them in your reality. The excitement of the constant complaint that you feel may be affecting your actions and your chances to go after new and better experiences for you. Remember moods are generated from the positive or negative thoughts that are first created in your mind. Emotional States for which you transitas, constantly affect your willingness to act. The complaints appear for something.

If you feel bad in your current job, you know how are you going to prepare you. Surely you’ll see black scene, victim of the situation, you’ll begging guilty results? You’ll still equal or worse, because your feelings and reactions of victim will take you prisoner and this emotionality you not drive to look for solutions. If you’re open to hear what these complaints are wanting you to say, surely you can make positive changes. If you listen to the hidden message in your complaints (what I need?), you will create in you moods you predisposing to act to solve what is needed. You will feel energetic and protagonist of the situation and pursue opportunities to be better. Results? Things will change because you’re changing, because your proactive actions are creating new alternatives of action. To the extent that you insist on wanting others to change or to change something in your environment, you’re going to suffer, because the change has to be born in your interior.