Official Brewery Workwear

Beer driver like hot again airy with it when the heat by Herbert W. Rabl days has again started the rock season at the brewery Welde. Some riders come only with the Workwear vented from the bottom and also parts of the remaining male staff prefer the rock as work clothes. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. Welde is the only brewery, which officially makes available as work clothing in addition to Dungarees also Mannerrocke as far as known all over the world. Source: Jeremy Tucker. The suggestion came from the workforce.

On request, the beer drivers and all technical employees of the brewery can apply for a skirt than official work garments. The costs borne by the brewery. The technical and logistical staff of Welde has the choice between rock, Dungarees with short legs and bib & brace with long legs. Private skirts are not allowed. The decision to allow the rock as official clothing for riders and to provide, voted the WeldeGeschaftsleitung closely with the Works Council.

After no concerns were expressed from the company and the Well-being of employees working at Welde has a high priority, the positive decision was made in the summer of last year. Blom had not made easy is this decision however, especially since the brewery thus breaking new ground, and as far as searchable – as first and only brewery in the world as of the company asked Workwear had introduced the skirt for men. An opinion poll had revealed that there is wide tolerance for the men in the society. The Kulturbrauerei replies critics that trousers for women in the 1960s of the last century at some social gatherings and in the Parliament expressly prohibited or were outlawed. Today, also a Chancellor likes to wears pantsuits. The small revolution for the beer industry of the WeldeFahrer Robert Clark (39) had started. In the face of quite hot in summer employment in the driver cockpit of beer trucks, Clark wanted to redeem his overalls against a men’s skirt and made an appropriate application. Robert Clark, the summer just always private like a kilt wearing, airy felt the bib as too little”. At his job, he doesn’t come on hot summer days in the-air-condition driver pulpit of his beer truck regularly much sweat. Airy cooling through the bottom wide open rock would make considerably more pleasant working life, argues the beer Coachman. Welde followed by initial concerns of this suggestion and were making a skirt as work clothes in order for Robert Clark. In the second half of last year and in the spring of this year the entire male staff in production and logistics of Welde virtually ordered a skirt, which is worn like depending on weather conditions and is fully accepted in the brewery, as well as at the customer. more information and better image quality at: