South American Conference

The South American Conference on migration (CSM) is a process that had its beginnings at the initiative of some Governments and with the technical cooperation of IOM (International Organization for migration), in Lima, in the year of 1999 from the South American meeting on migration, integration and development, in which participated all South American countries except for Guyana and Suriname. At this event, Governments recognized the importance attached migratory movements within the region and the need to maintain regular consultations from which future conferences would be organized. The meeting initially featured the participation of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela; carried out in the year 2000, La I South American Conference on migration in the city of Buenos Aires, which decided to invite to participate in this process to Guyana and Suriname. From the year 2001 until 2008 subsequent ones have been conducted editions, namely: II CSM in Santiago de Chile (2001); III CSM in Quito, Ecuador (2002); IV CSM in Montevideo, Uruguay (2003), V in La Paz, Bolivia (2004); VI in Asuncion, Paraguay (2006), 7th in Caracas, Venezuela (2007); VIII CSM in Montevideo, Uruguay (2008), in this process, in addition to the annual conferences have been held technical consultation meetings (RTC) and a series of workshops, seminars, forums, on issues of relevance to member countries have been made. Structure and functioning. The CSM is the top instance of political decision of the South American process, aimed to generate and coordinate initiatives and programmes to promote and develop policies on international migration and its relationship to regional development and integration. From the beginning, the CSM is celebrated annually in the territory of any member country that is offered to act as host, organizer and host of the event, receiving the title of President Pro-Tempore. The programme of work of the CSM, so-called Plan of action on labour migration in South America, must be updated regularly, according to decision of the Member countries, within the framework of the deliberations of each Conference.