Our Future

Our future 'I put the open bottle to his nose and closed his eyes and when I again opened my eyes, I saw an amazing picture. On the pavement, bending your elbows, like children playing in the drivers, businessmen columns gallop. They hastily fingered feet, leaning back as if on a soft seat back. " The global financial crisis has caused my association with these lines from 'futurological Congress' Lem. Lem genius in his story wrote about the illusory nature of life. The fact that we always live under a layer of a multi-level intoxication, which distorts reality. Swallow one pill after another, trying not to see, to ignore reality. But when development goes unnatural way, failures are inevitable.

And opening the reality sets in horror as Iyona Pacific. Pills that we swallow – our selfish desires. It seems to us that if we are rich, you certainly are happy. Material prosperity, in turn, causes a craving for power, fame. Already want us considered, we want to manage. When we understand that this pill is not enough to experience the fullness of life, begin to show interest in exotic teachings, exclusive knowledge, the forgotten language.

And since we have neither a businessman – a policy that no politician – the media heavy face. Dances and sings, and participates in all the shows. Each oligarch – a collector, a connoisseur of some the rare kind of movement in art or literature. Our desires make us strive for content, at any price without regard to anyone.