Still Waters Run Deep

Each fish species has its own customs and habits. One swims on its side, the other loves standing water, and the third falls on everything that moves. This article focuses on carp or already cultivated carp. About the age I would say that covered with moss came across age. Length of life is better to look at books. Dimensions – to 2-meters had to catch.

It feeds on plant food. Meet possible at a depth of 15 meters, and in the reeds near the shore. In the food is not picky – and pastry bites, and indulges in a worm. My favorite bait – boiled potatoes, peas, old, young corn, boiled, pickled wheat. Potatoes cooked usual – the main thing that was not raw.

Then he will be tight and our pet will not be able to peel him off the hook. In place of potato peel, cut into small cubes fishing line. For potato knife to molest. Old yellow peas soaked in water and boil until tender. Hooked under the skin nazhivlyaetsya not in any way in the middle! Corn takes a young dairy. Brewed usual, you can buy a ready market. With swinging tail cut under, to pass through the cut bait. Wheat to soaked in water at a ratio of 3 parts water to part of the wheat. Leave in a sunny location, the capacity is not covered. After 2 weeks, it starts to wander. Take a few seeds, crushed with your fingers. If you ran a white jelly – Bait is ripe. Nazhivlyaetsya two seed – the first across, and the second along. And most importantly – the bait. Would be the best cake – the waste in the production of sunflower oil.