Postcards And Greeting Cards

My little world provision of a postcard, the postcard-tested – in countless variations on the market – is to me personally, not only in their style at heart, but rather by their own little touch, a bit too – cause no matter in what ways – can. Unimportant in what form a post card reached a man who for a brief moment, it unfolds its meaning for him – maybe it elicits a smile, maybe she does a head nod, but with a certain security she meets now and then to the heart with so much feeling and sensuality that it changes your life … A spoken word is recorded and yet died away sometime in the spirit of memories, the postcard gives the written word, sound and sustainable removes the messages on hard paper and bright colors for posterity as a photo. My little world of destination of the postcard is in the form of the photo card and greeting card on a journey to the hearts of men. In my growing Postcards workshop you can create a small number of those Cards acquire, you will be captivated by sensuous lyrics about the life and love. I have held a variety of colorful designs for you, which you may already have encountered on your own journey through life. Spectacles of sunrises to sunsets, quiet photos of landscapes, invigorating images from the Botany and colorful world of flowers enrich my photo cards, postcards of my workshop with content, what man can see with the eyes. My texts, consisting of sweet play on words in messages and sensual life Herzensgrusse packed to give the viewer back to a piece of thought flows that live in it and want to be heard only as the written word and to rediscover in my greeting cards.

Visit my little dreamland of the postcards on workshop and let your thoughts tie with subtle words of affection – words of love, a love greeting – you might for a loved one, which already resides deep in your hearts and lives To send a greeting card and gift. The next collection of farbengeschmuckten photo cards and greeting cards will soon shine in proximal cardiac my postcards workshop. I hope you give the little world of my destination maps tender and invigorating encouragement and assistance in life. I wish you many and enriching Leseminuten growing in my dreamland of the postcards and look forward to when my greeting cards and photo cards, the enrichment cause in your thoughts and you erklicken my web shop at Postcard Thank you. Cordial greetings from the postcard shop Leipzig Mandy Knight