The History Of Coffee

It turns out the story a familiar automatic coffee machine has an almost two-century history. The growing popularity of coffee, even in the early 18 th century began to dictate the need for brewing coffee in large quantities. Popular drink enjoyed great demand, he served in elite restaurants and numerous cafes. The moment of coffee due attention to technological innovations, one of which was the steam engine. Wizards self-taught and tried to force couples to work in a variety of areas.

Has escaped that fate and the process of making coffee. So in 1822 the Frenchman Louis-Bernard Babo proposed way to brew coffee by passing through the ground Coffee coming out under pressure from a steam boiler parovodnoy mixture. Despite the lack of a workable model of the brewery, the author considered the progenitor of the modern espresso machine. And already in 1843, designer Edward Loyzel de Sante design workable espresso machine, which was presented to the public at the Paris Exhibition of 1855. The first espresso machine is more like a locomotive, which succumbed to the furnace stoker coal operator followed pressure in the boiler and filled pounds of ground coffee.

This coffee maker has been able to make coffee cups with a rate of thousands per hour. The first espresso machine had several shortcomings. This superheated steam, instead of the regular 86-93 degrees, and little pressure 1,5-2 atmosphere, instead of the optimal 9 atmospheres. On top of the first machines were still explode, making the process of brewing coffee quite risky. Walked a good half century before the Italian designers managed to find the "golden formula" and create a compact and reliable coffee machine, which would have brewed each cup of coffee on a metered portion of ground coffee. It is such a coffee machine that produces familiar espresso created in 1901 by Italian Luigi Bezzera, and later offered such an innovation as the use of hot steam for whipping milk and cream. In 1938, coffee machines have been improved. They appeared piston pump, supplied to the ground coffee hot but not boiling water. This allowed us to get rid of the taste of burnt coffee, which had committed the previous model. Familiar espresso coffee machines appeared in 1947. It was the first espresso machine with dosed water supply pressure of 8 bar. Within a few years the production of coffee begins to shift from industrial models to the home and office options with lower performance and cost. And in 1974 the company began offering full-fledged coffee machines for home use. It was at this time in everyday life is such a thing as a coffee maker. 1980's witnessed the introduction of design coffee makers and coffee machines all possible improvements aimed at convenience and ease of management, and in 1991 the Italian company Saeco offers its customers a real automatic espresso machines designed specifically for use in home and small offices. Today, coffee machines allow us to immediately prepare the coffee by pushing a few buttons, and daily maintenance is reduced to a set of water and fed with beans. The familiar aroma this coffee has become for us a permanent attribute of a happy and comfortable life of a good income.