SAP NetWeaver

E-CRM solution supports SAP-based service processes Bonn, June 01, 2010 the new ELAINE FIVE online dialogue CRM of artegic AG provides infrastructure for industrial enterprises with central SAP a compatible interface to the new version of E-CRM software. Through the connection to SAP R / 3 and SAP XI bi-directional data transfer, is possible about profile or transaction data. Thus artegic created an important basis for the efficient development and expansion of online dialogue marketing measures. Important basis for the professionalization of the online dialogue recently had the industry study of artegic AG indicates that industries want to promptly take their catching up to do in terms of E-Mail and online dialogue marketing in attack. As a result almost three-quarters attest the email-based direct marketing a growing importance. For this, the new version of E-CRM software ELAINE delivers the best condition with their SAP interface. Ease of use and automatic synchronization the user-friendly management or handling of the solution allows not only the simple exchange of profile and transaction data between the systems.

Newly created data fields in SAP are likewise automatically synchronized as new attributes or new specifications. In addition is the connection via the SAP process integration (SAP PI, formerly SAP Exchange infrastructure XI) possible. The middleware of the SAP NetWeaver module connects SAP and non-SAP systems. “Service processes, that experience has shown that, for customer loyalty in the B2B sector are particularly important, can sustainably support themselves thanks to the interfaces”, said Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG, the main advantage of the new E-CRM suite for industrial companies. The advanced features of the new solution emerged not least through the intensive cooperation with the customers of artegic AG. “So we could make sure that we cut to the improvements made to the specific needs of the company. This is true especially for the industrial sector, in the online dialogue marketing matures for a real hot topic this year”, says Stefan by Lieven.