Czech Foreign Ministry

With the submission of documents to the consulate for visas all the business normalized system vizapoin, which for so long into action, working properly. Results of 2010 in the Czech Republic will bring a surge of deportation of workers from the Czech Republic, the reason for this lack of willingness to serve as the basic amount workers to leave the Czech Republic. After three months of 2010, immigration officers asked the Czech Republic only two foreigners wishing to leave the country voluntarily. Violation of the emigration law foreigners will increase the criminal, because illegal workers will have on that – something to live and eat. Many illegal immigrants will try to infiltrate into neighboring countries of Schengen union, and there find themselves livelihood. Most foreign workers in the Czech Republic are citizens of Ukraine and the desire to stay and work in the Czech Republic in their so great that they are ready to move into the illegal regime.

Good intentions of the Czech authorities in the protection of its national labor market could lead to serious consequences. Migration Czech market in February and March 2010, the fever, this is due primarily to an urgent change in the number of foreign workers their migratory status in the Czech Republic. Earlier this year, there was anecdotal migrants Czech Republic that the Czech Foreign Ministry wants to introduce a ban on changing status and visas in the Czech Republic by foreign police. This led to the fact that workers from different countries of the cis at one time wanted to get a new status of entrepreneurs Czech Republic.